Cell-Based Therapy

Miami Beach, Florida

At Foot and Ankle Institute of Miami Beach we aim to treat our patients with the latest technology. Stem cell and blood platelet procedures have been making waves in the field of podiatry. They’ve proven to effectively treat foot and ankle pain and injuries.

Before opting for surgery, replacement or fusion, speak to your physician treating your condition with PRP injections or cell-based therapy. Compared to surgery, these options are non-intrusive.

Stem cell therapy is being recommended as a non-invasive alternative to traditional foot and ankle surgeries all over the world. Our physicians will carefully diagnose your foot and ankle before suggesting the most suitable cell based therapy for your specific condition.

How Does It Work?

Our bodies are equipped with an inbuilt healing mechanism; stem cells allow the damaged tissue to repair itself without relying on external medication and procedures. Conventional foot and ankle treatments involve using cortisone in combination with other drugs to provide pain relief, however this was only a short-term solution.

Cell-based therapy provides a long-term solution to pain by restoring the health of impacted tissue. It’s a natural alternative to steroid shots and cortisone. It can be used to treat various foot and ankle problems including, muscle injuries, joint injuries, ligament injuries, major wounds and arthritis.

To find out more about stem cell therapy, meet with any of our physicians.

Cell Based Therapy offered:

We have a highly qualified team consisting of top dermatologists, plastic surgeons, orthopedics, podiatric surgeons and sports medicine experts that is always up-to-date on the latest technology and medicine. Our team travels nationwide and abroad to attend conferences to share and learn from the experiences of their peers.


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