PRP Therapy

Miami Beach, Florida


Some of the world’s most celebrated athletes have sworn by PRP therapy. PRP therapy has been making headlines in the medical industry. Time and again it has proven itself to be effective in treating foot and ankles injuries.

How PRP Therapy Works

Platelets in the body have various functions. Their primary role is to assist in blood clotting so we don’t bleed excessively when we’ve experienced a cut. Platelets also carry proteins that assist with the healing of wounds.

PRP therapy works by injecting parts of the tissue that are damaged or inflamed. It works by promoting the healing of wounds. The increased concentration of the platelets in the area help it heal faster.

PRP Therapy in Foot & Ankle Institute of Miami Beach

Foot & Ankle Institute of Miami Beach uses PRP therapy to treat hundreds of patients every year.

Dr. Allison Guyen from the institute has made a name for herself in the field of Stem Cell and PRP therapy. As a regenerative physician, she regularly lectures in local and international conferences.

PRP therapy is a safe and non-intrusive procedure treatment that promotes the healing of muscles after injury, fractures, arthritis, wounds, acute tendon ligament injuries and more.

PRP treatments boost our natural healing process by speeding up the gathering or bioactive proteins in the inflamed/damaged location. PRP therapy also increases the production of collagen in the inflamed area so it can heal faster.

If you’re suffering from chronic pain in your foot and ankle and are looking for a non-invasive solution then book an appointment with Foot & Ankle Institute of Miami Beach and let our experts examine you.

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