Dave Hegedus

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Let me begin by saying that I was skeptical at first when I heard and read the previous patients testimonies and related results after receiving stem cell treatments from Dr. Guyen. I WAS skeptical.

I use that in the PAST tense, as this new technology is a breakthrough. My background is a long story, so the cliff notes are what follow. I was in a horrific aircraft accident in 1996, resulting in numerous broken bones, including fractured skull, but more importantly to the association with my nerve issue, was a broken back. This resulted in spinal damage leading to partial and, in some areas of my lower right leg and foot, complete paralysis of movement. I could no longer move my right foot right or left, but more importantly, could not move it up, as if lifting it towards the sky.

After my fiancé, now my lovely wife, Kimberly, insisted I look into this treatment method, I decided to take the plunge. I figured nothing ventured, nothing gained, and what else would I be doing during the time I would be receiving my treatment anyway.

This was the BEST decision in my health care I have made. Now let me say that it has not been a night and day change – nothing happens overnight. However, that being said, I can now move my foot to the right and the left, not 100%, but noticeably more than I ever could. I can begin to see my foot starting to move upwards. It is not 100% yet, and after 20 years that have passed since my injury, I realize it is going to be a long journey , but I am more than optimistic that I will achieve as close to 100% as physically possible.

Speaking realistically, this had been a year’s long hard road since I began my treatments. I am continuing with the treatments as prescribed by Dr. Guyen indefinitely, as there is still progress being made. I am no longer a skeptic of treatments like this, and as such I have nothing but the highest thanks to Dr. Guyen and her fantastic group of nurses and assistants. I can do nothing short of encourage anyone who is thinking of getting this done, or on the fence, that there should be no hesitation about getting stem cell treatments. Dr. Guyen has indeed been a life changer.

Dave Hegedus

Charlotte, NC